[TRANS] 130916 English Lyrics to JYJ’s ‘Only One’ Single – 2014 Incheon Asiad Theme Song

Powerful words!


Lyrics by: Song Su-yoon (송수윤)
Composition by: Han Jae-ho (한재호), Kim Seung-su (김승수)
Arrangement by: Ahn Jun-seong (안준성), Hong Seung-hyun (홍승현)
[Note: They are some of the people who makes up Sweetune(스윗튠)]



There’s nothing to be afraid of, I believe in you
It won’t be different tomorrow, just look forward and go
You know, the special days, the days I stood and breathed by you
You’ve ran all this way until now and my heart pounds

Show me all of you, fly harder
I like the one and only image of you shining, you can do it
Ye woo woo woo, I’ll always protect you, love love love love

There were hard times but today has come
I am by your side so come with me
You know, the past days, the days you built yourself
I believe that you’re stronger than anyone else

Show me all of…

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