[TWITTER] 140105 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: Busan~~~☆

He is too freaking adorable for words. I adore him.


 photo 부산~~!너무 재밌었어요  부산만의 열정은 또 다르군요.. 감기때문에 컨디션은 별로였지만 뜨거운 열기로 기적을 일으켜준 부산!고맙데이~~~☆

[TRANS] Busan~~! I had a really good time.
I think the passion that Busan only has is so different from other places..
Honestly, I was not in good condition because I got a cold, but all of you in Busan made a miracle with the enthusiasm that you all had!
Thank you~~~☆

 photo 수호대 대표님과 부산 서면 오락실에서 숨은 그림찾기 둥!어렵다..눈이 쾡~

[TRANS] Playing ‘Find the Hidden Picture’ in Seomyeon, Busan with Suhodae’s representative! So difficult..My eyes have sunken~

 photo BdNteTNCUAAx4sd.jpg

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