[NEWS] 140609 Kim Junsu ‘Dracula’ the Musical, Concept photos revealed…Dark makeup + red hair & eyes



▲ Concept photos for ‘Dracula’ the musical. (Credit=OD Musical Company)

‘Dracula’ the musical’s lead actors Kim Junsu and Ryu Junghan’s concept photos are revealed.

On June 9, OD Musical Company displayed the lead actors and actresses Ryu Junghan, Kim Junsu, Jo Jungeun, and Jung Sunah’s concept photos for ‘Dracula’ the musical, portraying the unavoidable, destined love between Count Dracula and Mina.

Ryu Junghan and Kim Junsu’s resentful Count Dracula is charismatic-themed, embodying the appearance of a level-headed, powerful Dracula and of the sadness of a vampire’s chosen life for love.

In particular, Kim Junsu is expressing his distinctive character with the concepts of ‘passion, [enrapturing a] woman’s heart, modern’. Kim Junsu’s red-haired tones is eye-catching, giving off a peculiar air about him.

‘Dracula’ the musical will be staged at Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House from July 17 to September 5.

Note: parts unrelated to Kim Junsu were omitted.


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