[PICS] 140609 MBC Triangle Gallery: Heo YoungDal The lonely prisoner with a clean look, send him letters!!!

He is perfection. The most beautiful human being.


 photo shj_photo140609181617imbcdrama0.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609181617imbcdrama4.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609181617imbcdrama1.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609181617imbcdrama2.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609181617imbcdrama3.jpg


 photo shj_photo140609182240imbcdrama0.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609182240imbcdrama1.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609182240imbcdrama2.jpg


 photo shj_photo140609182633imbcdrama0.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609182633imbcdrama1.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609182633imbcdrama3.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609182648imbcdrama0.jpg


 photo shj_photo140609183107imbcdrama0.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609183107imbcdrama1.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609183107imbcdrama2.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609183107imbcdrama3.jpg

 photo shj_photo140609183107imbcdrama4.jpg

Source:MBC Triangle1, 2, 3, 4
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3

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