[SNS] 140820 Kim Jaejoong shares a video and pictures of his challenge for ALS campaign

Uri crazy man, Kim JaeJoong! I adore him!


JYJ3’s Note: Previously Singer Ailee nominated Jaejoong to do the viral ALS ice bucket challenge (Watch VideoHere), Jaejoong also followed her twitter and Instagram account.

[VIDEO] ALS캠페인..일리야 땡큐 좋은일하게 해줘서~제가 지목 할분들은 배우 황정음 김규리 최태준씨 입니다

[TRANS]ALS campaign..Ailee-yah Thank you. Let’s do this good cause~
The people who I pick are actresses Hwang Jung-eum, Kim Gyu-ri and actor Choi Tae-joon ssi

[OTHER TRANS] ALS Campaign.. Thanks to Ailee, made me joining in this nice campaign~
The next challengers who I point out is.. Hwang Jungeum, Kim Gyuri, Choi Taejun





 photo BvfXz7_CIAAqVOT.jpg
 photo BvfX2EPCcAAFe6D.jpg

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